Marcus Hiles - Speaking on Revolutionizing Architectural Designs

Marcus Hiles – Speaking on Revolutionizing Architectural Designs

Contemporary home design is becoming more and more competitive over years, putting flexibility at the forefront of residents’ demand. Marcus Hiles says that homes today are being built with open floors and convertible rooms that can easily and affordably be transformed into a larger space to meet the needs of growing families. The relatively new concept of implied spaces –a novelty in architectural design where segments of home surfaces, walls, ceilings, and floors are painted in different colors or appointed with drawings, tiles or other construction materials to create the illusion of increased scale, space, height, and depth. Applied through 2D or 3D technology, they have introduced an outstanding change in the way modern homes look. Implied spacing can normally be achieved without notable remodeling or installation of multiple walls. The new cutting-edge solutions have materially refined architectural designs. Bigger windows receive more natural light and are a perfect substitution for walls: they limit the barriers that separate the indoors from the outside world. To make homes an ideal place to live, apartments now come with fitness facilities, spas and hot tubs, making relaxation steps away from your desk. For fine dining lovers, kitchens are now installed with restaurant-style amenities and are growing in popularity as a place that unites and gathers families more than dining and living rooms of the past could.

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