Marcus Hiles On Western Rim’s Longterm Environmental Objectives

In addition to hundreds of donated acres of land for community parks, Marcus Hiles and his company have planted more than 30,000 trees in the course of last 10 years. Western Rim has a long term objective to plant 2,500 trees per year and have a resounding impact on our ecosystem both aesthetically and environmentally. Increasing the tree canopy and creating parks, trails and open green spaces is of utmost importance for Hiles who wants to offer the renters an ecological solution and healthy environment surrounding his great upscale apartments. More about this on: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/marcus-hiles-continues-plant-2-021408965.html

Marcus Hiles Helps Texas Cities Develop Sufficient Open Spaces

The benefits of urban wildernesses enhance the local eco-system in many positive ways. Not only do trees and plants create life-giving oxygen; they play a crucial role in retaining ground and rain water, and removing toxins from the surrounding air. American Forests is an organisation that studies municipal forests and the repercussions of declining natural areas in cities. They educate and provide fascinating information like the fact that two trees can make enough oxygen for one person and can absorb twenty pounds of air pollution every year. Parks also provide shade, cooling down a significant area and reducing heat retention. Air-conditioning requirements are lower in a community with ample canopy coverage. A car that is placed in the shade stays fifty degrees cooler than one parked in the sun. In urban locations natural spaces must be created and maintained through human intervention and assistance.

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Marcus Hiles – Western Rim – Gives Away 59 Acres of Land As Leisure Places

American cities are improved thanks to the creation of many urban parks and recreational areas that provide a natural ambiance to people. A research by the U.S. Centre for Disease Control (CDC) shows that there is an increase in the way a person exercises when they are have access to community areas. When they are able to find a place to do fun activities with other people, they are more likely to do it more. The city that has a park invests in its development. Because of this, Marcus Hiles gave the opportunity of growth and development to many Texas cities by providing them parks and spaces for recreation. Parks are a must have for his plans of making beautiful places. Even his businesses advocate eco-friendly activities such as planting trees in thousands every year. It is true that neighborhoods that have free access to leisure parks have a brighter, friendlier and healthier feel to it.

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Marcus Hiles Elaborates On Exceptional Lifestyle Of San Antonio Residents

Adding 30,000 people to its year-round population last year, there are many reasons the city of San Antonio, TX is expanding. Marcus Hiles, Dallas-based real estate chairman and philanthropist, is intent on sharing why this Texas hotspot proves so attractive. Excited about the future of the booming urban metropolis, Hiles sees the city’s fourth fastest growth rate in the country as a proven result of its desirable lifestyle perks.

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Marcus HIles Speaks To The Benefits Of Modern Appliances

Marcus Hiles, Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Properties, has been creating luxury rental communities across Texas for over three decades. Unmatched in contemporary design and resort-like conveniences, his homes, townhomes and apartments are highly regarded for their convenient, energy-efficient amenities. Staying well informed about innovations in smart house technologies, the prominent real estate developer has had firsthand experience with the next generation of fully programmable appliances, each giving customers previously unavailable levels of customization and control—and all by cell phone. The growing consumer market for state-of-the-art smart machines has evolved to be cost effective and offer unheard of convenience. Hiles shares his astute views about the latest appliances, their role in the “Internet of Things,” and their potential for ushering in an easier lifestyle.

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Marcus Hiles Notes ‘New Suburbia’ Dominating Real Estate

For nearly five years, urban submarkets have seen a strong influx of rental property development, with massive high-rise apartments redefining skylines and revitalizing downtown neighborhoods which previously lacked upscale rentals. However, the cost of living in these neighborhoods has grown much faster than wages and the availability of jobs beyond cities has increased, motivating many real estate developers, including Western Rim Property Services Founder Marcus Hiles, to project a resurgence of movement in suburban submarkets throughout 2017. Hiles, as Texas’ leading developer of luxury apartments and townhomes, explains the current market trends driving this shift, and the rise of “new suburbia.”

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Marcus Hiles Delivering Luxury Rentals To Hungry Market

An increasing amount of Americans are choosing to lease instead of owning their residences, with that number expected to expand by at least a half million each year through 2023. Marcus Hiles and Western Rim have spent nearly three decades building and maintaining over 15,000 high-end apartments, condos, and townhomes in Texas, helping to satisfy the growing rental property demand. These developments are situated near many of the state’s largest urban hubs, including Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, providing affordable luxury and resort-style amenities in a suburban setting. Fitness centers, jogging trails, open green spaces, access to premiere golf courses, cellulose soundproofing technology, and eco-friendly features provide residents the opportunity to experience a high standard of living, while avoiding the high costs associated with owning a residence in today’s increasingly expensive real estate climate.

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Marcus Hiles Highlights Elegant Lifestyles Of Western Rim Tenants

Marcus Hiles Highlights Elegant Lifestyles Of Western Rim Tenants

Marcus Hiles Highlights Elegant Lifestyles Of Western Rim Tenants

Marcus Hiles has made it his company’s goal to provide the thoughtfully designed homes and comprehensive facilities an elegant lifestyle demands at an affordable price point. The Mansions at Lakeline in downtown Austin, Texas mirror the rich mecca of arts and culture with chic, urban living and hundreds of new restaurants and shops nearby. In Conroe, Texas, The Towers Woodland’s beautiful natural landscape is incorporated at every opportunity with breathtaking lake views, 44 acres of jogging trails and picnic areas, a fishing pond, and an off-leash dog park. Each neighborhood aims to create a year round retreat from the stresses of everyday life, offering full day spas, personal trainers, and around the clock concierge and maintenance services.

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Marcus Hiles Works To Increase Tree Canopy Across Texas

Marcus Hiles Works To Increase Tree Canopy Across Texas

Marcus Hiles Works To Increase Tree Canopy Across Texas

Marcus Hiles’ Dallas complexes are proactive ecologically, with each new complex working to increase the tree canopy from its pre-developed state. 2,500 trees have been planted in the past year alone, creating of public and private parklands and preserves, with each absorbing an average of 48 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. The initiative has planted over 30,000 trees in its lifetime, removing 75 tons of carbon dioxide each year. One of Western Rim’s biggest achievements is a 44 acre park which contains century-old oak trees, a pond, stream, and Frisbee golf area. By focusing on working eco-conscious designs into Texas’ naturally beautiful landscape, Hiles is building for the future, and ensuring affordable upscale living for generations to come.

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Hiles Notes Charities Serving Underserved Youth

Hiles Notes Charities Serving Underserved Youth

Hiles Notes Charities Serving Underserved Youth

The non-profit organizations that collect goods to feed, clothe, and equip these children for school, such as the church that will distribute Hiles’ coats to K-12 grade students, are essential to the growth of the community, and Marcus Hiles urges local businesses and residents to avidly support these causes. By providing spiritual, emotional and academic support, these programs help at-risk youth overcome hardships, placing them onto the right path for success.

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