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Marcus Hiles – Western Rim – Gives Away 59 Acres of Land As Leisure Places

American cities are improved thanks to the creation of many urban parks and recreational areas that provide a natural ambiance to people. A research by the U.S. Centre for Disease Control (CDC) shows that there is an increase in the way a person exercises when they are have access to community areas. When they are able to find a place to do fun activities with other people, they are more likely to do it more. The city that has a park invests in its development. Because of this, Marcus Hiles gave the opportunity of growth and development to many Texas cities by providing them parks and spaces for recreation. Parks are a must have for his plans of making beautiful places. Even his businesses advocate eco-friendly activities such as planting trees in thousands every year. It is true that neighborhoods that have free access to leisure parks have a brighter, friendlier and healthier feel to it.

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As Renting Gains Traction, Marcus Hiles Fills Luxury Void

As Renting Gains Traction, Marcus Hiles Fills Luxury Void

As Renting Gains Traction, Marcus Hiles Fills Luxury Void

American society is moving towards renting over home ownership, especially for Millennials. This has greatly increased the need for good rental homes. These days, many residents see unit living as a long-term solution rather than temporary. According to research from the National Multi-Housing Council, 14 percent of the population around Texas are now renters, with that number projected to grow. In big cities, the percentage is typically higher. Approximately 41 percent of the residents in Houston are renters, in Austin 35 percent are renters, and San Antonio is at 24 percent. As Marcus Hiles says, “The American dream is now not owning a home but renting an apartment.” Because of this, the goal for Hiles and his company is to develop these multi-unit homes in the best locations, near good schools, and with all of the expected amenities within and surrounding the complex.

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