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Marcus Hiles Recommending Radiant Barrier Roof Panels

The roofing insulation on most of the houses and townhomes isn’t anywhere near perfect and Marcus Hiles sees this fact as the main culprit for higher electrical bills during summer months. Poor roofing insulation heats up attics and air ducts thus raising the temperature in the house or in the apartment. A simple trick which can be done by installing highly reflective radiant barrier roof panels can reduce the temperature in your attic up to 30 degrees thus reducing the need for the air conditioner to work. More on this can be found on:

Marcus Hiles Discusses Terrific Western Rim’s Facilities

A desire for affordable luxury has always been present among Texas and US residents in general. However, not until 1990 when Hiles launched Western Rim Properties was that desire met. Not only did Hiles fulfill that demand but he also created whole communities with great facilities for rest, recreation, and relaxation. When we take a closer look, it seems that he has achieved his goal but he won’t stop there. A developer’s work is never done. Hiles continues to improve his units and follows all the trends in the real estate market. Read more on:

Marcus Hiles Evolving Luxury Rental Concepts In Texas Metros

Marcus Hiles’ Estates communities, part of the Western Rim Property Services label, are gated and deliver urban-style elevator access to each unit, along with luxurious outdoor and community spaces. Sparing no luxury, each has a resort-style swimming pool and sun deck, on-demand concierge service, and a professional-grade fitness center. The brand’s apartments and townhomes are richly appointed and, combined with resort-style amenities, attract all lifestyles from Millennials, young families, empty nesters, and retirees who are choosing a long-term rental lifestyle over the burden of home ownership. “Our tenants appreciate the exclusivity that the Estates brand provides as well as the flexibility that goes hand in hand with renting,” Hiles says. “Our mission is to continue to deliver luxurious retreats that our residents can call home.”

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Marcus Hiles Continues To Plant Trees Across Texas

Marcus Hiles, property development expert and Western Rim Property Services CEO, announced he will continue to plant 2,500 trees every year to benefit the environment. As the company’s CEO, Hiles creates affordably priced subdivisions where renters have a lavish lifestyle surrounded by trails, parks, and natural spaces. This planting trees initiative is a long-term part of Western Rim’s goal to develop sustainable neighborhoods throughout the region.

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