Becoming a successful entrepreneur can make you a wealthy and prosperous person but not a good human being. The identity of a good human being is the one who always remain available to help others and participates in the causes for welfare of the people. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles are one of those kind couples that serve their lives for helping others. Both of these famous entrepreneurs earned a lot of money in decade through their Real Estate venture. However, they didn’t forget those people who need financial support for education and a good living. Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles have done financial support for the education and environmental protection.

Apart from entrepreneurship, the couple also wanted to become philanthropists for the purpose of financial support of others. Their higher concerns towards financial help have lead to higher success of Western Rim Properties (by Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles). Their thought of helping others is the reason that took their business on the heights of victory. Today, Western Rim Properties is competing with many of the more experienced Real Estate firms in Texas. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles actually wanted to take their firm at a level where the earned money should be sufficient for the further investments and charity as well.

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles never felt of saving large sums of cash. Their top priority is to donate as much cash as they can. They only save money for having a satisfactory lifestyle. Their generosity is a major reason due to which many people want to purchase homes in Western Rim Properties. The couple also lives nearby the Western Rim Properties Unit to show people about how peaceful and best place it is for everyone. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles have set a great example of being such a kind-hearted couple except best entrepreneurs.

There is a direct relationship between entrepreneurship and philanthropy. The entrepreneurs who earn higher amount of money can also become successful philanthropists. Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles would always remain in the memories of those people who got financial support from them. Many of schools, Universities, non-profit organizations and at-risk women groups are highly grateful to this couple for their generosity and financial support. This shows that the generous people like Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles are still alive in this mean world.