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Marcus Hiles Helps Texas Cities Develop Sufficient Open Spaces

The benefits of urban wildernesses enhance the local eco-system in many positive ways. Not only do trees and plants create life-giving oxygen; they play a crucial role in retaining ground and rain water, and removing toxins from the surrounding air. American Forests is an organisation that studies municipal forests and the repercussions of declining natural areas in cities. They educate and provide fascinating information like the fact that two trees can make enough oxygen for one person and can absorb twenty pounds of air pollution every year. Parks also provide shade, cooling down a significant area and reducing heat retention. Air-conditioning requirements are lower in a community with ample canopy coverage. A car that is placed in the shade stays fifty degrees cooler than one parked in the sun. In urban locations natural spaces must be created and maintained through human intervention and assistance.

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Marcus Hiles Delivering Luxury Rentals To Hungry Market

An increasing amount of Americans are choosing to lease instead of owning their residences, with that number expected to expand by at least a half million each year through 2023. Marcus Hiles and Western Rim have spent nearly three decades building and maintaining over 15,000 high-end apartments, condos, and townhomes in Texas, helping to satisfy the growing rental property demand. These developments are situated near many of the state’s largest urban hubs, including Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, providing affordable luxury and resort-style amenities in a suburban setting. Fitness centers, jogging trails, open green spaces, access to premiere golf courses, cellulose soundproofing technology, and eco-friendly features provide residents the opportunity to experience a high standard of living, while avoiding the high costs associated with owning a residence in today’s increasingly expensive real estate climate.

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